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Rules of Aether Crush

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Rules of Aether Crush

Post  Thanatos on Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:24 pm

The Rules of Aether Crush

Attention Members of Aether

Please be sure to read all Rules of the forum before Roleplaying. Most are self explainatory, however, if you do have any questions, you may be able to reach any of our Staff members via PM, or direct e-mail.

General Roleplaying Rules

God Modding IS Forbidden

Anyone who created a character that "can not be killed" will be immediately banned. Every creature is designed with a weakness, a specific flaw. If you know it, use it. Please do not make us shut down this forum for such petty things. Discuss with the person behind the character of an impending "death" will be occuring in the Roleplay you are both involved with. You must have permission to kill off a character that is not yours. NPC's. Non-playable characters may be controled by any member of the forum and can be killed by the user who is currently using the NPC.

Roleplay Format

Aether Crush uses a turn-based Rp format. You can not post without letting the other Roleplayers have their turn. Posts are based on interaction and no small posts {one-liners} are allowed. Please try to have decent spelling and sentence structure.

Read Before Posting

It is imperitive that you read each post before you make yours, especially if you are posting in a thread for the first time. This is for your benefit and that of the others involved in that given thread. We do, however, understand if you do not want to read a ten page thread and if this occurs, ask someone who is involved in that thread if they will be able to explain it to you.


If you know in advance, that your Rp thread will be explicit, or you do not want your thread to be too violent or sexual, please place the following tags in the title of your topic. The title can always be edited to add the rating at a later date if you are unsure.

  • {M} = Moderate Violence and or Sexuality.
  • {R} = Intermediate Violence and or Sexuality.
  • {NC-17} = No holds barred. Violence and or Sexuality are contined in the thread.

Sexual Themes/Erotic Scenes

Any sexual or Erotic encounter with other characters is to be done in a tasteful fashion. Do not describe it in a vulgar manner.

Location Limits

In reality, you can only be in once place at a time. When Roleplaying, try to keep a concept of where you are and what timeframe you are in.


In essence, God-Modding. If you are involved in a Rp thread and the Administraion feels that you should have died in mentioned thread, then they will send a Deathbringer {It could be anyone}, to kill your character. In the Story Update forum, when it lists the Death Updates, your character will be listed with the tag "{K-Lined}". This, usually, will only happen if you try to escape fatal circumstances in a ridiculous manner.
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