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General Rules

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General Rules

Post  Ano Otoko on Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:13 am

Hello there adventurers...

I would like to welcome you to the realm of A.C. and officially list all the rules and regulations they have here. Bare with me they are easy to adhere to.

God Modding Is Forbidden
If an Admin or Moderator catches you Godmodding, you will be rebuked forthwith. Admins will not hesitate to ban you.
No Spam
Spammers will be banned without warning. We have no tolerance for spamming. None whatsoever.
No Flaming
Do not flame them or be extremely critical to the point of meanness. Flaming is not allowed. You should instead, give hints and advice on how they can get better.
To advertise, here, or Affiliate with Aether Crush, you must contact an Admin for permission.


Gore, Violence, Sexual themes and Age limits.
This site is for mature and detailed roleplayers. Some roleplay may contain very graphic descriptions of Gore, Violence, nudity, etc. , therefore, the site has an official rating range of NC-17. I would like to think that members are free to use as much detail as possible in order to generate interesting and vivid writings, and they are. However all members, for the sake of others, are encouraged to put rating labels on your topic titles. (See Roleplay rules for more info).

If you are not 17 years of age you are not allowed on this site. If it is found out that you are younger than the age limit, you are subject to a possible ban, without warning.

That is all for this round adventurers. Pleasant roleplaying... have fun.
Ano Otoko
"That Man"

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