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Forming/Joining a Clans, Guild, or other group

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Forming/Joining a Clans, Guild, or other group

Post  Ano Otoko on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:03 pm

If you wish to form a clan, you must gather a considerable amount of members, and put a notice somewhere in the clan section, or PM an admin saying you have made a clan, and list the members of the pending clan. if you have enough quality members, you will be officially recognized as a clan by the Administration, added to the member groups and Color Coded. clans have their own sets of rules they can choose to set up and adhere to.

Guilds are member groups set up By Admins. If you wish to be in one of the guilds (You can tell a clan or guild apart from their member group description) click on the guild, and request to join. One of these things will happen.

--You will be accepted in, and color coded.
--You will be tested (Possibly with a spar)
--You will be denied, or kept on a waiting list until being denied are dealt with the other two ways.

Do not let clans get to your head. if Any clan or guild gets out of hand (Flaming other clans or guilds, taunting, being unsportsmanlike or uncourteous to others) The group will be shut down, and you will be forbidden to call yourselves a clan. If it is more than one clan, Admins will shut down all user run groups.
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