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Major characters in Ęther Crush

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Major characters in Ęther Crush

Post  Ano Otoko on Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:23 pm

This is the list of some the major characters that are in this roleplay currently, (this list will increase in time.) Characters with an asterisk are open for members to play. Ask an admin if you'd like to do so.

Sir. Arion Maxwell*[Open]

Arion is a human, Though he does have recessive Ascendus genes. As leader of the Ęther Knights he seeks to decimate all hostile Chimeran groups, by order of the Church of England. The term Knight is fitting for him, as he has a chivalrous nature, impeccable manners, and a passion for fighting and combat. He has a strong sense of justice, one that is rather black and white as of late, and he sometimes cannot see peoples intentions as good, because their actions conflict with the law. He takes it upon himself to investigate the Vampire sightings in England, an action that his superiors in the Church of England and English government back up fully. he shares the same view of them as The Church does; unholy creatures that must be eradicated.

Thana Erebus

The personification of what some may call a 'last lullaby', Thana is a very formidable Ascendus. She's fast, skilled with her weapon, a deadly strategist and a damn good assassin, on top of being a very attractive woman. She leads the Erebus Assassins Guild, and has a very take charge personality to go with the job. Being feminine yet strong willed, she commands respect wherever she goes, without uttering a word, and is quick to speak her mind if it is not given. She seems sympathetic to the plight of Chimera, and tends not to take on, or give her subordinates jobs that target seemingly innocent Chimera, or ones wanted dead for a less than severe crime.

Maximilian Krieg

Little is known about the leader of the Vanir, other than that he is an Ascendus (Though he considers himself a mix of Ascendus and Chimera), and a very strong one at that. Little is known of his goals, or purpose for engaging hostile groups in battle which include the Ęther Knights, as well as rebel chimeran groups, under the front of being paid to do so, angering both sides at each other, as well as getting on bad terms with the lot of them. A mastermind, he seems to want to throw the world into chaos, but there may be may have a hidden agenda and an even more secretive and grand scheme, rumors swirling that businesses are secretly funding The Vanir. One corporation in question instead of denying it, changes their logo to that of a large canine. Krieg is often seen with a Slightly dull 'sawed off' great sword named Ragnarok. He and His group's emblem is Orthus, the two headed hellhound.

Phenyx Valentine*[Open]

Phenyx aka Valentine or simply 'Nyx' is a vampire who is rising up among the secretive Vampire ranks. His 'clan' of vampires are mostly women, with only a few men, yet all of these vampires are powerful, Nyx being the strongest by far. Little to none is known of their intentions or goals, all that is known is their existence. His makeshift bloodline "Incendium" is often associated with The Red Light District in Amsterdam. Typical of his playboy persona


"Winter" is one of the oldest vampires in existence. Seen to be one of the most respected leaders of the Vampire species, Winter seeks to unite his bretheren for a greater purpose than merely being parasites to Humanity. He's expressed his goals of Harmony between all walks of life, and is ever vigilant in this endeavor. He is mostly seen in the depths of the underground, the great orchestrator, leading his people through trust. However, that isn't to say the 'War Dancer' cannot use force.


The "Thunder God" is in every way, a dangerous individual. There isn't much anyone knows about him,and what is known can all be put to question at some point. Rumored to at one point, be part of aone of the 4 guilds in "SEAL" which keeps order and enforces their own set of rules among many existing guilds, clans and other groups. Whether working as a Bounty Hunter, Prize fighter, Retrieval agent, or any other job he'd take on, Donovann merely 'sparks' interest with his ability, which in some cases seemed to have limitless potential.


Krieg's right hand man, and former leader of one of the big 4 in SEAL. Gio, is a loner, unlike the other stronger warriors in the Vanir who stick together. Yet when called, He does not fail Krieg, who considers him a brother.

(More to come...)
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