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Æther Crush

Post  Ano Otoko on Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:25 pm

Nobiscum Deus...
Deus ex Machina...

Nearly a century and a half ago...

Scientists began to seek ways to eliminate incurable disease from humanity. This would mark the first in-depth research of cells and DNA. The Pioneers for these studies were Dr. M.H. Lienfield, and a handful of scientists and doctors from around the world, 12 in all. They began experimenting on subjects in the wild that carried disease such as birds, bats, cats, dogs, and the like. Manipulating and altering cells, they would introduce these new cells and agents into the bodies of volunteer patients with terminal illnesses. At first, their research proved to be something of the Devil’s work, some patients died from symptoms worse than their own diseases, while some others would not even look human. After decades of research, experimentation, and trials they had stumbled on a miraculous breakthrough. An African woman whom they would call "Eve”, began to recover. Her once sickly body began to look younger, and healthier. Within a few weeks, she made more then just a 'complete' turn around, she had become something different. She was developing ‘unhuman’ traits, the mutations that were helping cure her of her illness was also enhancing her vision, sense of smell, taste, hearing… During this time, another patient would recover in about the same way. Lilith, an English cancer patient, was treated exactly the way Eve was, and recovered the same way exactly. They then, realized they had found “The Cure”. Though while it was called a cure, Dr. Lienfield knew it was something much more.

This cure was actually a type of cell that they manipulated and manufactured using the cells of other species. These cells were then introduced to the subject, and their cells would begin to rapidly conform, mutating and multiplying. The symptoms of their illnesses would seem to get worse before getting better, but eventually they would make a complete turn around, and then some. This was the birth of Homo Ascendae, however only one doctor, the lead scientist Dr. Lienfield, would realize this. He kept the details of Eve and Lilith in secret files only 2 other scientists out of the 12 were aware of, the data shared with the rest of his colleagues being incomplete in comparison to his personal files. A few doctors took this data and tried to acquire the same results. They would succeed in curing a few of their patients of some grave illnesses, but the symptoms would be less than desirable. They would grow scales, or in an extreme case for example, their tailbones would start to grow.

Within weeks of the discovery of “The Cure”, two of the other patients that seemed to be recovering, took a turn for the worst, but somehow escaped the facility...With that, lady luck seemed to have abandoned them. A pair of the scientists had been forced into leaking information and data back to their own superiors in their native Austria-Hungary and with the start of WWI, Austrian and German soldiers from would storm the lab to collect the remaining data, and retrieve their own Doctors to bring them back. The lab workers would not comply and the Soldiers used force, killing most of the scientists and taking the few patients that were healthy enough to be moved from the facility. When all they wanted was obtained, they burned the lab to the ground and killed everyone else inside. The attack was reported to their opposition, the Triple entente (England, France, and Russia), which had each lost one of their own. The report included a survivor count of zero. However, Lienfield, Eve, Lilith and one other doctor had hidden during the attack, and escaped the fire.

After being rescued Lienfield was taken back to WWI neutral America, along with Eve, Lilith, and the still unknown Doctor, who managed to survive the destruction of the lab. While the most valuable “subjects” and scientists had been saved, and placed under government protection, they had lost the data Lienfield had worked so hard to keep safe. However his efforts would not totally be in vain. Years were spent then, trying to get back that which was lost, and recreate "The Cure". He would be unsuccessful, but the knowledge he gained during his extended research helped him understand what happened to the two women back at the laboratory. During this time spent in seclusion, Eve and Lilith each had two children. After Lienfield's death both women and their children, along with the unnamed Doctor were transported to England to live in secret on the Lienfield Estate. There, the Emmerich Corporation.


A secret society began to experiment with what partial data of "The Cure" they obtained and would attempt to make an unstoppable force, a kind of ''super soldier''. By the time WWII started, this program, though progressing slowly, was indeed making progress. They gathered their most promising test subjects and assembled a special squad, selling their services to Nazi Germany, who would do anything to get an edge over the allied forces and further dominate and push their lines. It was reported from the front lines that “Monsters” with fangs and claws and wild manes were brutally killing soldiers, either by a hail of bullets or by bare hands and brute force. Even the injured of this grotesque squad could still fight and kill 10 or 20 men before being struck down. The Monstrous soldiers never left the battlefield, fighting for 5 days straight before their last member; their Feldwebel (Squad Leader) was shot down only after being caught in explosions. Once word got out, the allies began spying more diligently and eventually linked the Nazis to the organization supplying these frightening soldiers, the base of this operation fittingly transformed from what was once a polish hospital. Within a few days of discovery, special units within the allied forces stormed the facility and killed any of the powerful creations inside, only allowing a few to escape. One soldier’s account pictures brutish men and women, some 8' tall. Of course they destroyed the building disposing of any information left behind; all gathered information regarding the special SS facility and the monstrous soldiers was labeled classified by the U.S. government after the war.

Years later... AD 2060

Crisis would suddenly break out.

Several P.M.C groups mobilized en masse in Europe, and occupied the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway in a synchronized assault of each country, with the aid of inside agents within their respective governments. The soldiers in these groups were all flying the same banners, and just like in the last world war, they were all incredibly powerful, inhumanly so. A lot of them looked rather 'unhuman', whether they had a tail, fur, scales, fangs, were over 8 feet tall, to some degree they all seemed like monsters. Their weapons and technology very advanced, clearly from an outside source leading some to believe they are being aided by some sort of group or organization.
Calling themselves Chimera, they established their own rule in these territories claiming them as four independent nations known as the New Midgar Alliance, and were looking to expand. Soon Chimera were discovered outside of the four territories and started to surface all over the globe, many of which were living normal lives keeping anything that would indicate they were not human hidden. Still, whether radical or not they were often apprehended, exiled, and or discriminated against in countries outside of the NMA. Religious groups such as the "Albion Knights", considered all Chimera monsters and enemies of God, and as a PMC, took it upon themselves to fight the chimera. They took any jobs involving conflicts with the NMA and showed no Chimeran any mercy, often killing women and children in the name of God. They seemed to be the only group with technology that rivaled the NMA and could fight them on equal ground. Tensions between the NMA and the Albion Knights, as well as neighboring countries of the NMA were steadily rising, the world on the brink of a chaotic war.
With the world in peril and humanity facing what could possibly be it's greatest threat in the Chimera, The Emmerich organization look on from the outside. The existence Homo Ascendae remains virtually unknown to the world, having also slowly spread throughout the years, their power closely watched by the Emmerich Org. as it could be the key to tipping the scale of what could become a fierce conflict of titanic proportions.

And now from here, story continues with you.
This is the world of Aether Crush..

...Good luck, and God speed...
Ano Otoko
"That Man"

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