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Ascendus Mortalis

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Ascendus Mortalis

Post  Ano Otoko on Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:39 am

Ascendus Mortalis

The Ascendus Mortalis are humans, whom carry the genes of Eve and Lilith, the first to successfully recover from their illness and become Ascendus after being administered with "The Cure". These "Ascended Humans" push the physical limitations of the human body, and are slightly superior physically to regular humans by nature. Another trait of some Ascendus Mortalis is their brain activity. It is said that their brain activity increases from that of a regular human in some cases, but it remains to be seen whether this affects intelligence or memory. Though Ascendus are technically Chimera, they are not as strong physically, do not look any different than normal humans, and are a more complete and balanced being. Ascendus also are unaffected by viruses and as diseases. Oddly enough on a rare occurrence, they will catch what look like the common cold.

Known Abilities/Attributes:

Though few can train this ability, some have a gift for it, and are better than others. The potency of the telekinesis is slight in most cases, but in some it is strong. Most can only move a chair with their mind at most, if anything at all. Others, can throw a table at you.

Physical Traits
Ascendus are technically chimera, so they too can have physical differences from humans... only it is internal, and usually related to an animal, (Example: a part of the brain that works like sonar to locate targets through sound [Bat echolocation.] )

Increased Strength
All Ascendus are naturally stronger than normal humans, to a certain extent. (Not all Ascendus can lift cars like superman.) They can also get stronger, much faster, do to cell regeneration. However when the muscles naturally tear through exercising them, they do not heal as fast as they would from a sudden wound. Thus, while it takes less time to get stronger, it does take some time. Their strength can match that of some vampires.

Increased Speed, Agility, and Reflexes
Some of the Ascendus have much greater reflexes than humans, and are faster to an extent. (not all ascendus will be blindingly fast). Though it is impossible, some are rumored to be able to dodge bullets, a testament to how fast their reflexes are. The fastest of Ascendus can match some agile chimera in speed.

Healing properties
Some Ascendus can heal much faster than regular humans, through mild cell regeneration. Most can completely heal from minor flesh wounds within a few minutes. Internal organs heal themselves as well, sometimes faster than hemorrhages. (This is because they are not as exposed to the open air. So if you were to slice the arm open, the skin would be last to heal, while the muscle/flesh heals first.) Bone fractures in Ascendus heal twice as fast as they do in regular humans. (i.e, instead of wearing a cast for a month, you wear it for two weeks.)

Extended Lifespans
Some Ascendus are projected to have far greater lifespans than humans, due to the fact that after a certain number of years they stop aging normally. For some, its as if it takes them 10 years just to age the equivalent of one.
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