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The Chimera

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The Chimera

Post  Ano Otoko on Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:42 am

The Chimera

The Chimera are a species of humans, that resulted from human/animal cell crossing and manipulation experiments decades ago. No one knows, or understands exactly how they are born with such appearances; from Elvish looking ears, cat ears and eyes, to fangs and claws. But what is also strange, is that it is never certain what their appearance or abilities will be.
Chimera, are physically stronger than humans and many are naturally stronger than even the average Ascended. They have heightened senses, reflexes, and sometimes carry on attributes of certain animals. (Many different possibilities.) Though most don't have anything dramatically different from humans except for a tail, claws ears, fur, (or something minor like that) there are records of rare chimera who are born with very different and sometimes monstrous features. The "London Gargoyle" was a chimera with large wings and horns that could glide through the air from buildings.


These are the list of abilities chimera have been known to have.

--Increased strength: Chimera generally have more natural brute strength than the other species, with vampire strength close behind. A Chimera of average build can be up to more than twice as strong as a human of average build. Some larger, more bulky chimera lift cars with ease, however the added mass makes them a bit slower.

--increased Speed/reflexes/quickness: Some chimera can be twice as fast as the fastest of humans. Some can reach blurring speeds. However, chimera with such speeds usually do not have overwhelming strength, (usually) and have average Chimeran strength, which is still formidable.

--Animal organs: A lot of Chimera have organs of other species. (Examples: Poison sacs within the body, gills, etc. Be creative :D )

--Animal Attributes: Examples of this are chimera that can see at night in near pitch darkness like cats, or have infrared senses like certain bats or snakes. (again, be creative :P )

--Cell Regeneration: Some can Rapidly heal a flesh wound. In extreme cases, there have been chimera able to regrow their severed limbs over time.
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