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Vampires Specs

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Vampires Specs

Post  Ano Otoko on Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:46 am


Vampires where created through science, do to a failed experiment to administer a recreation of "The Cure" to a few patients. Unlike Lilith and Eve, many of these tries failed, because they could not isolate a key element of the formula. Two specific patients, were treated with a dominance in Desmodus rotundus, vampire bat cells. This cellular treatment which used an altered Desmodus rotundus cell and cells from Lilith, resulted in a unlikely transformation. They succeeded in curing the patients, but there were terrible side effects. They grew pale, had grown sharp canines that lacked enamel, and went through other changes. Their blood contain a virus that is similar to rabies in some ways. When introduced to the open wound of a human, they become infected within minutes, and transform into vampires within 12--24 hours. (The virus will not induce a change in Ascendus Mortalis. It is unknown what it will do to Chimera)

The modern day Vampire does not adhere too much to that of their traditional lore. They do have a weakness to prolonged sunlight, with emphasis on the "long". it would take the average vampire approximately 6 Hours of unobstructed sunlight before he dies of stroke. According to records, Older vampires that expose themselves regularly and have built up a mild tolerance, need approx. 12 hours of unobstructed sunlight before having a stroke. However, a few minutes in the sun with nothing over their eyes may blind them permanently.

This species has enhanced senses of smell and taste, some have almost inhuman strength and speed. Most vampires stick to a diet of blood, (They do not need blood to survive, however blood replenishes the cells much more than normal food. The aging process is also affected by blood consumption. More blood, less wrinkles. If you are deprived of blood, you simply begin to look old, and grow weak) and a lot of meat (They break down fat and proteins quickly, and thus do not get very large easily.) All vampires slowly regenerate non fatal wounds. Vampires are considered a subspecies of Chimera, and can even look like one, some born with traits of the chimera. (Cat ears, paw-like fingers, dog/cat tail etc)


All vampires have draculin in their saliva. Draculin is a substance that prevents blood clotting and is prevalent in Vampire bats. In Vampires, this Kind of Draculin is more potent and can stop even slow down cell regeneration and clotting in chimera and ascendus mortalis. Some vampires have been known to lace their nails or weapons with Draculin.

Their strength potentially matches that of any Ascendus, and does not seem to be proportional to muscle mass. Their natural brute force is second only to Chimera.

Vampires have very explosive speed, matching some of the fastest Chimera.

Regeneration & Endurance
All vampires regenerate. In comparison to Ascendus, they regenerate a bit slower, however their bodies seem to be able to withstand much more damage and can remain effective in battle while with injury.

Weakness to fire
Vampires have a very, very hard time healing burns. their regeneration process is slow when dealing with burnt flesh.

Increased Lifespans
The Virus Vampires carry, combined with the regenerative cells in their bodies seems to extend their life far beyond that of humans, much like the Ascendus. (Cells age slower, thus the body ages slower)

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