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.::The Story::.
The world has taken a wild turn...
Chimera are now in almost every major country in the world. Some live among us in peace, while many wreak Havoc... but Does that make them many worse than us? They look human enough... were made from humans..but are they really like us?

Though not openly saying so, the Church of England and The Vatican seem to think otherwise. To them, they are nothing more than being begotten from the sins of the scientists who tried to play God. Thus, the Ęther Knights mount up, and ride out to put down the renegade chimera, and the Vampires that have lurked in the night. They March on in a new Crusade in the name of their God.

Bounty Hunting is now widely accepted, and legal on an international scale, the UN thinking that any help toward gaining control and keeping what little peace there was is necessary. Guilds and organizations of bounty hunters are sprouting up all over, causing yet another conflict amongst themselves as they hunt down whoever has the biggest prices on their heads. Some Chimera who aren't being sought after by police are bounty hunters, that being the only jobs they can get... though most opt to being Assassins.

Vampires, chimera, and Humans, all fighting for their place in this world that is leaning toward a new and dangerous era.

Welcome to Ęther Crush. Good Luck and God Speed.

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