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Weaponry in Aether Crush

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Weaponry in Aether Crush

Post  Ano Otoko on Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:19 pm

Here are some examples of weapons that will be used in Aether Crush. This list summarizes the types of weapons, how they work, and how they can be used in battle. You do not have to use these, and can stick with conventional weapons if you wish.
(We encourage you to be creative, weapons you create can be very outlandish and unique, if they can be explained.)

Heat Weapons
Blades or rods fixed with a small core unit, either attached to the weapon itself, or attached by cords, that heats the weapon to intense temperatures. The Metal used is strong enough to withstand the clash of another weapon, and endure the heat. These weapons are very effective against the Armor of the Aether Knights, and Vampires. The downside is that the metal used to make the weapons is heavy. Some are made small and compact to offset the weight.

Electric weapons
These work the same as heat weapons, only with slight differences. Electric Weapons, started as merely tasers attached to any conventional melee weapon that conducts electricity. These weapons are generally made of much lighter materials than Heat weapons are (though some taser weapons are heavy). Some large caliber guns were made to carry Taser rounds. ARC Laboratories had developed a more effective series of electric weapons, and these have been distributed to militaries, forms of law enforcement, and so on.

Laced Weapons
Some lace their weapons with substances that debilitate and or kill their opponent. (Example is a vampire using a Dagger laced in Draculin extract. (see character specs for vampires)

Be creative. Within the realms of physics, you can do just about anything (if you can explain it to someone well enough that they can understand. :) )
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