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Major Organizations

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Major Organizations

Post  Ano Otoko on Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:58 pm

Here are short descriptions of various groups and organizations that are in the realm of A.C.

New Earth Defense Administration (N.E.D.A.)

N.E.D.A. is a new organization started by the United Nations, which observes potential threats, and also determines what course of action should be taken. Not much else is known to the public about the Administration.


SEAL is merely a term for an underground group Lead by a council of 13 and the Convention of Four, or the "4 kings" who control four separate Clans. The Council had various connections within society, and Instructed the Four Kings. The purpose of Seal is to keep order among Major "Underground", or civilian run groups, such as Vampire clans, Bounty Hunting Guilds, etc. Seal is often the Mediator of conflicts among them. (Activity is rare, they were said to have disbanded after some of the leaders were killed).

Ęther Knights

Founded in secret many years ago in the United Kingdom, the sole purpose of the Ęther Knights is too handle the malevolent Chimera, Hunt down Vampires, and ultimately keep the world from slipping into utter Chaos.

Erebus Assassins

They are some of the most merciless and efficient killers in the world, the Erebus Clan are a small Army of Assassins lead by Thana Erebus.


"The Vanir" are the muscle behind ARC Laboratories, one of the companies responsible for the new weapons technology available. The Vanir are lead by a small group of the most formidable combatants around, including their mastermind, Krieg. Their exact goal is uncertain, and it is unclear if their actions are the will of ARC or if they move of their own accord.

[Possibly more to come]
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